32 Dental Solution

About 32 Dental Solutions DOCTORS: We are a team of highly skilled qualified doctors with good experience. We believe in specialize dental practice and therefore all the doctors here are MDS and do their work according to their area of expertise. We have all the specialist associated with us i.e. Endodontist, Orthodontist, Oral Surgeon, Pedodontist, Periodontist & Prosthodontist. 32 dental solutions are one stop solution for all your dental needs, as when different specialist of different fields gets associated with treatment, the chances of treatment failure are next to impossible. DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT PLAN: It is very important to get a good diagnosis so that a good treatment plan can be made. The most important parameter is our experience in different dental fields. We have full mouth X-Ray facility (OPG), making diagnosis flawless. We also have RVG facility. We also use high-end electronic pulp testers along with other diagnostic aids. When it comes to diagnosis and treatment plan, we are far ahead. TECHNOLOGY AND MATERIALS: Experience excellent and comfortable treatment with the use of newest technology here at 32 Dental Solutions. We have state of the art which shows all teeth, sinus, TMJ open/close, maxilla & mandible in the single exposure. We are the only center to provide dental laser treatment. Get painless, stitch less and bloodless treatment with from SIRONA - SIEMENS. We do all types of from high quality imported to budget implants that provide a warranty to our patient accordingly. We also have for determining the shade of the tooth, resulting in exceptional cosmetic treatment like fillings, crowns and veneers etc, because shade matching should be done in natural daylight and it should not be done in normal room light and in evening. So by using it, we need not worry about light reflected by surrounding wall colors giving an improper shade. We used the best tooth whitening system of the world, - guaranteeing eight shades lighter giving you unmatched tooth shade and self-confidence with the dazzling smile. We have so many sophisticated equipment that we can perform RCT without any X-Ray with the help of best apex locators, giving aid in special conditions like pregnancy where X-ray should not be taken. Materials play a very important role for successful treatment. All the materials which we use are branded and are top of the line. We use maximum 3M materials, which has its own benchmark in the world of bonding. SAFETY: Sterilization is very important for the best treatment result. We follow 6 step sterilization protocol, ensuring germ-free instruments and no cross contamination. We Will Be Really Happy to Show You Our Strict Sterilization Regime; you may please feel free to ask about it. We use both & highly advanced autoclave ensuring the high level of sterilization. Even our X-Ray machine are digital and AERB approved which uses th1/10 of radiation than a conventional method. We also use maximum single use disposable materials eg. Impression trays for crowns etc., taking safety to next level. LAB: We are associated with one of the biggest/best labs of ASIA, providing you 10-15 years warranty to all types of crowns. We offer flawless fixed and removable appliances to you through them