Dr. Bhagwat Rajput

Working as Assistant Professor & Departmental Head *(A) at Dept. Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences at world college of Medical sciences,Gurawar, Delhi NCR ; Also visiting Neuropsychiatrist at Multispeciality & superspeciality Hospitals like Venkateshwar Hospital, Rockland group of Hospitals, Cygnus Group of Hospitals, Ayushman Group of Hospitals & Kalra Hospital in Delhi. He is the “ most promising Neuropsychiatrist” in India. Recognised for his extensive contribution in field of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences across india ; Mainely his charitable work;medical camps across Maharashtra particularly Vidharbha,Marathwada, Khandesh region.Delhi & NCR ,Haryana ,Uttar Pradesh, jammu & Kashmir. He is among the very few Neuropsychiatrist in India with three years experience in clinical neurology & seven year experience in Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences He Has profound experience in clinical, research , CMEs, as well as teaching of vast psychiatric, Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural disorders. He has served as a resident in psychiatry & Neurology followed by assistant professorship along with being a consultant Neuropsychiatrist. He has done his graduation (MBBS), and Post-graduation DNB, undergone training in the prestigious institute of Army college Of Medical Sciences Base & RR hospital New Delhi. He also worked at Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences at Delhi for subspeciality Child & Adolescent psychiatry, Clinical Psychology & Community Psychiatry. He worked at Dept of Clinical Neurology & behaviouaral sciences at ST STEPHENS Hospital. Exclusively managed Neuropsychiatric & neurological illness. His keen intrest in neuropsychology and behavioral neurology, which is a subspecialty that addresses clinical problems of cognition and/or behavior caused by brain injury or brain disease of different etiologies.. Most of this work argues for a rapprochement of neurology and psychiatry, forming a specialty above and beyond a subspecialty of psychiatry He is a very well-known speaker, and he has been a speaker at various national and international forums on mental health issues. Presenter and Motivational speaker on various topics related to life in Corporates, School, NGO, Medical forums. He has been associated with various professional, social and philanthropic organizations in different capacities and has chaired various organizations, task forces, committees and continuing medical education initiatives in medical college. His areas of experts - Neuro- Behavioural disorders;Headache & Epilepsy;Child & Adolescent Psychiatry;Marital & Psychosexual;Drug abuse & Deaddiction;Anxiety & Depressive disorders;Psychosis & Mood disorders;Mental retardation & learning disabilities. He is member of , Indian Psychiatric Society, Indial Association of Private Psychiatric Society. Delhi Psychiatric Society & Indian medical Associations.Also applied for International Neuropsychiatric Associations, National academy of medical siences*