Eurokids, Makarpura

Mrs. Reena Parikh is a micorbiologist turned edupreneur .Her profile covered in Eurokids International’s coffee table book “Meet the incredibles”and Eurokids Makarpura has won Franchisee excellence award 2013 as Consistent performer over the years & 2015 as value creator of the year. Mr Rajen Parikh is an enterprenuer looking after family business of automotive batteries and supporting his wife’s vision to contribute to the change expected in education system and pedagogies for the benefits of generation next. Ms Parikh is a good orator and love reading books, gardening, cooking & meeting new people. The couple have appeared on national television in a reality show “Wheel Smart Shrimati” hosted by Anu Kapoor and have participated in variety of inter club competitions like antakshri, family no.1,flower arrangement etc. Ms Parikh’s blogs and write ups are regularly published in Vadodara city blog in meet the people section. The link for the same is Being parent of 4 yr old we always regretted quality of preschool education my son got.. there was something missing in local preschools that time (2001) & Eurokids came as destiny to us…we found the concept new & innovative and best was there was lot of learning involved. Though, we never thought of persuing my career in education sector , Eurokids had something new to offer.. It required lot of PR and management skills and that appealed us a lot In 2002, when we decided to started Eurokids it was totally new concept and difficult to make people understand the difference.There were many challenges , but I enjoyed a lot meeting new people, guiding & counseling them and at the end convince them to change their perception for preschool education. Our family support family asset/property -where we operate Eurokids Makarpura helped us a lot to operate Eurokids smoothly. We started with 30 students and we are proud to announce that we have laid strong foundation for more than 1000 students till now. Ms parikh believe _ one must enjoy what he/she is doing and yes she is indeed proud to announce that she enjoy each minute spend at Eurokids. We can say with pride that yes,we pioneered the preschool education revolution and today the concept and definition of preschool education has definitely changed amongst parents fraternity. Its 15 years ..journey is not yet over and we are craving to get more in coming years and give more meaningful definition of education in education sector...We have started K-12 school and we have launched our own CBSE school – SpectrumThe contemporary school.