Our main focus is to accelerate profitable brand development for our clients and to re-invent market research through our services. We cater to a varied client-base, ranging from government bodies and NGOs to corporates and start-ups.

A business needs a character and an identity, and through our branding and brand development services we help them create it by turning their name into a leading brand that has a convincing voice and brand image. The brand image is the essence of the business/product and branding is assembling the various marketing mediums into a whole so as to give the business a definitive identity. We offer comprehensive services that define, develop and implement the brand identity by communicating the message eloquently and effectively.

TIME Cyber Media also offers evaluations and research- analysis services that are driven by our high industry standard measures and credible reputation with access to a large clientele and customer base. Our ratings, rankings and accreditations provide a gradient along which performance and value of the businesses is measured against global business benchmarks.

We offer a complete package of media solutions and profiling as well as consulting, promotions, marketing and advertising. Our services include: brand management, business strategy and advisory, market research, data analysis, business solutions, public relations, media and communication, digital marketing and consultancy services. We also organize exhibitions, award events, conference and seminar to nurture, encourage and promote innovation and talent. Our main office is located in New Delhi.

Our Mission

We strive to provide our esteemed clients with a professional standard of quality service by understanding their needs and translating business advice into measurable market results. We aim to bring invaluable insight and growth to our clients by building a long-term relationship based on trust and our reputation in the field of media and marketing.

Our Vision

We are committed to grow and expand as a leading media services company. To inform, inspire and lead to action by developing better solutions through advanced techniques and technologies.

Our Values

The core values that bind TIME Cyber Media together are integrity, accountability and commitment with the objective to pursue growth and learning through innovation.

We demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics through our products as well as promises. We believe in developing client relationships on the basis of the highest ethical and moral standards around the world and measure our success through that. As a vital measure of integrity, we ensure the health and safety of our communities, and protect the environment in all we do.

We ensure accountability and complete transparency with all our business dealings. We accept responsibility for our actions. We make and support business decisions through experience and good judgment.

Our commitment to our work is visible not only in deliverables and in meeting deadlines but also in our values, vision and mission.

We believe that meaningful change can only be brought about through innovation and by looking at challenges and opportunities from new angles and exercising our curiosity.